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r3d4 OneNand MTD, multiboot, recovery, CM7.2RC1

Nova rom com direito a recovery e multiboot!

new features:

  • bootloader with bootmenu (credits to pali for N900 bootmenu)
    > add u-boot as last stage bootloader
    > allows different boot options (SD card/NAND/Recovery)
    > customizable by bootmenu script, will explain later
    > for SD card boot put uImage in /boot folder in 2nd partition
  • permanent ClockWorkMod Recovery (
    > easy install/backup of roms, addons,….
  • Kernel
    > based on Samsung source of Galaxy A
    > its new so maybe some features are broken atm.
    > new partition layout to match Android standard
  • CM7.2RC1
    > latest build of CM7.2 (ICS lockscreen, transitions, …)
    > add theme chooser
    > new Launcher2 (credits to Oxygenrom), faster stock Launcher with more options
    > Launcher2 switch back to 2D mode, saves ~10MB of ram
    > add support of PDroid privacy
    > fix bluetooth restart, add AVRCP
    > fix RIL start issue
    > no gapps included, you can simply install in CWM recovery
    > fix large market downloads
    > fix compatibility issues with some apps (angry birds rio, …)
    > …


Install – this time its easy:

!!! new partition layout, all userdata will be lost !!!

  • grab the and put in on sdcard (1st partition, fat)
  • flash i8320_CWM5r1.tar with odin (or boot the inluded zImage in download mode, also works)
  • after reboot, select “Rescue Recovery” from bootmenu
  • in recovery choose “install zip from sdcard” and select the *.zip
  • select reboot, done! (due to kernel bug, reboot isn’t working, you have to power on again)

Bootmenu and recovery are controlled with Volume +/- keys.
Phone key = OK and Search key (the red one) = BACK.

Recovery for flash:


Rom update zip for sdcard:


Have fun…

Credits r3d4



2012-05-31: small update
Inlcuding touchscreen drift fix from elpass & video recording lib
Install after Update 2012-05-30



to fix the camera issue replace the attached file in /system/lib


NOTE: Install it after the 31 may 2012 update!


Date and Time after reboot resolved.
Put this files in system/lib.

sousa r


Update para o kernel antigo: inclui overclock, camera e fm radio e menos bugs genericamente.


switch back to old kenel (fix camera / fm radio)
working video recording

Install from CWM recovery, recommended: full wipe of userdata


MODS (install after rom):
Alternative touchscreen –
Enable EMMC –
Enable Overclock-



odin windows


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H1droid OneNand r3d4 rom RW 120330

[Original English version]

r3d4 voltou de viagem á India e ganhou novas inspirações: a nova rom permite escrever no onenand e portanto as partições cache e data já podem ser criadas no onenand conseguindo-se desta forma a melhor velocidade para esta maquina.

A instalação é (pelo menos para já) para users avançados visto que é necessário algum cuidado e escrever linhas de comando através do adb.

Para instalar siga o post original de r3d4:

Infelizmente só vou poder testar esta rom a partir de 10 de Abril (momento pascoa :/ 😉 de qualquer forma atenção que é necessário partir de uma rom instalada no sdcard (e não onenand co mpartições sdcard ou emmc) e ainda que não se assegura o retorno ao limo.

Por outro lado já está a funcionar a gravação video sem freezes. Não está disponivel nesta rom para já. -rom com gravação video [limofans]

update (10Abr2012)

At last I install yesterday this rom and it’s super fast indeed 🙂
And writable!

But I had many issues to root…
Could not root with various methods, don’t know why.
Finally manage to root with oolink’s root tools

Also, remember to ‘adb push system /system/’ camera files for video rec

, ,


H1droid Flash to OneNand r3d4_111224 [updated 120103]

[English version]

Está já disponivel a versão da rom de Dezembro 24 H1droid do r3d4 para flash na memoria interna, OneNand, com sdcard ou movinand.

oneNand roms:

new: rogerbraun [ROM] r3d4 , no sd card needed, no formatting needed

How to install in oneNand


gapps rom pisarra: dpi 210 e alteração das teclas fisicas -flash no oneNand c/GAPPS sem recurso ás partições no emmc, estas são feitas no sdcard.

The TF card must have three partitions,
the first partition is fat32, the second partition and the third partition are EXT4, (pay attention All these partitions must are the primary partition).

For example:
8GB TF care,
First partition 6GB FAT32 for /sdcard
2nd 1.8GB EXT4 for /data
3rd 100MB EXT4 for /cache

Known issues:
/system and /most dirs are Readonly! /data and /sdcard and /cache are writeable.
1, After the restart should be the default in Chinese, and the timezone in Beijing. I hope you guys how set it to English.
2, The ring tones Setting may be no rings shownup, you need to install RingoPro.apk  to set the ringtones. (Set after completion,you can uninstall the RingoPro.apk).

Download gapps rom (Flash odin windows only PDA) (dpi 210 and changed physical buttons)



New version that does not have GAPPS. Also has dpi 210 and changed physical buttons and some apps removed.

NOgapps rom

Some apps were deleted from system/app including,  stock browser,  calendar, etc

Apps that were deleted from system/app in case you want to reinstall some:


Overclock 1Ghz
sempre que faz reboot volta a 800, é necessário correr o milestone e recolocar 1Ghz


Como os ficheiros do sistema operativo são apenas lidos (não se pode gravar alterações) pode fazer alterações apenas alterando re compilando o factoryfs.cramfs incluido no ficheiro i8320*.tar

[fernando] como se modifica as rom`s com o EZXCODEC 1.3.5


creditos r3d4, mephisto, drizztliu. (and so many others)

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H1droid gingerbread 111227 _a perfeição em acção.

[English version]

A versão completa do H1droid gingerbread 2.3.7 cm7 de 27 de Dezembro 2011: tudo funcional (com muito poucos bugs a corrigir).

Nota: Esta é a mesma rom de 111224 do r3d4 (e gho do poemihai) com alguns acrescentos nomeadamente o dpi (210),  alteração das funções das teclas fisicas e algumas apps.


Instalação Windows – rom com root

Para instalar siga o post substituindo a gho e o tar:

rom gho 27_Dez  (must unzip) root, overclock,market (gapps)

kernel tar


Multilingua. Divirta-se. Mais em


Credits r3d4, ilja, poemihai, mephisto. (and so many others)


How to install android on Samsung H1 (sdcard roms)_video

[out of date]

Credito IAKAIA



H1droid – r3d4’s 111224, almost perfect.

A new rom was just released by r3d4:

What a great present for this holidays!

Here’s poemihai’s ghost:

gho rom

kernel tar

Windows Install: follow


How to’s:



this is a CM7.2 Gingerbread 2.3.7 nightly build for h1.
Its a test build to play with, not intended for daily use as some bugs are still present and new bugs are added ;).

Try at your own risk only when you know what you are doing as you can easily break your device. Emmc (16GB) is now disabled by default but can be easily enabled, see bottom of this post.

* rooted
* Market
* easy overlcock (see bottom of this post)
* 3G
* FM radio
* Camera
* 16GB Emmc (see bottom of this post)
* USB Mass storage for sdcard & emmc
* Torch
* DSP acceleration and video overlay
* Bluetooth working again
* 1000s of languages

Known bugs
* electron beam animantion sometimes leads to problems on wakeup (disabled in settings)
* clock lost after reboot
* cpu temperarure reporting sometimes wrong (-40)

:idea: Update 20111224: Merry Christmas to all h1droid fans

new features:

  • rooted + market included (old market, its faster)
  • new libaudio (ported from NexusS / Spica)
    > fix volume change for FM radio and voice call
    > fix audio routing issues for voice call
    > fix amplifier power down (noise after stop playback)
  • new libh1-ril (wrapper around libsec-ril)
    > no need to use ipctool for 3G, now builtin
    > fix 3g after airplane toogle
    > real SMS fix, no more dpram hack
  • overlay transparency enabled, builtin video player now always fullscreen
  • enable 3D app drawer
  • some more small fixes
  • speed improvements, try Interactive governor
  • exceute userscripts in /data/local/userinit.d if present

Kernel for flash(.tar) or boot with odin(boot.bin):


Rootfs for sdcard:




H1droid Kernel moisesfco. [111219]

Novo kernel para a rom de r3d4 por moisesfco.

Espera-se ganhos na gestão de energia nomeadamente na descarga em standby.

download tar file – flash odin apenas PDA

Mais em

Credito moisesfco