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android – firmware de Outubro

Tal como anunciado na pagina android esta versão de outubro necessita de ser instalada na integra em Linux. Eis os passos que mephisto refere:

Need a Linux


Download odin(x64). It’s a x64 version. if you using a x86 linux, you have to compile the odin from source. Download boot.tar.bz2, rootfs.tar.bz2.


Create to partition on sdcard. First one is vfat. second is ext3 for save rootfs(>200MB). then extract files from rootfs.tar.bz2 to second partition.


Extract boot.tar.bz2. Put your device into download mode by first turning it off, then power it on whilst holding down both the volume down and camera button. Upload and run your bootloader/kernel image

$ ./odin boot.bin

Use At Your Own Risk

Podem fazer o download aqui.

Entretanto há já um odin para sistemas Linux x32:



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