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r3d4 OneNand MTD, multiboot, recovery, CM7.2RC1

Nova rom com direito a recovery e multiboot!

new features:

  • bootloader with bootmenu (credits to pali for N900 bootmenu)
    > add u-boot as last stage bootloader
    > allows different boot options (SD card/NAND/Recovery)
    > customizable by bootmenu script, will explain later
    > for SD card boot put uImage in /boot folder in 2nd partition
  • permanent ClockWorkMod Recovery (
    > easy install/backup of roms, addons,….
  • Kernel
    > based on Samsung source of Galaxy A
    > its new so maybe some features are broken atm.
    > new partition layout to match Android standard
  • CM7.2RC1
    > latest build of CM7.2 (ICS lockscreen, transitions, …)
    > add theme chooser
    > new Launcher2 (credits to Oxygenrom), faster stock Launcher with more options
    > Launcher2 switch back to 2D mode, saves ~10MB of ram
    > add support of PDroid privacy
    > fix bluetooth restart, add AVRCP
    > fix RIL start issue
    > no gapps included, you can simply install in CWM recovery
    > fix large market downloads
    > fix compatibility issues with some apps (angry birds rio, …)
    > …


Install – this time its easy:

!!! new partition layout, all userdata will be lost !!!

  • grab the and put in on sdcard (1st partition, fat)
  • flash i8320_CWM5r1.tar with odin (or boot the inluded zImage in download mode, also works)
  • after reboot, select “Rescue Recovery” from bootmenu
  • in recovery choose “install zip from sdcard” and select the *.zip
  • select reboot, done! (due to kernel bug, reboot isn’t working, you have to power on again)

Bootmenu and recovery are controlled with Volume +/- keys.
Phone key = OK and Search key (the red one) = BACK.

Recovery for flash:


Rom update zip for sdcard:


Have fun…

Credits r3d4



2012-05-31: small update
Inlcuding touchscreen drift fix from elpass & video recording lib
Install after Update 2012-05-30



to fix the camera issue replace the attached file in /system/lib


NOTE: Install it after the 31 may 2012 update!


Date and Time after reboot resolved.
Put this files in system/lib.

sousa r


Update para o kernel antigo: inclui overclock, camera e fm radio e menos bugs genericamente.


switch back to old kenel (fix camera / fm radio)
working video recording

Install from CWM recovery, recommended: full wipe of userdata


MODS (install after rom):
Alternative touchscreen –
Enable EMMC –
Enable Overclock-



odin windows


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H1droid OneNand r3d4 rom RW 120330

[Original English version]

r3d4 voltou de viagem á India e ganhou novas inspirações: a nova rom permite escrever no onenand e portanto as partições cache e data já podem ser criadas no onenand conseguindo-se desta forma a melhor velocidade para esta maquina.

A instalação é (pelo menos para já) para users avançados visto que é necessário algum cuidado e escrever linhas de comando através do adb.

Para instalar siga o post original de r3d4:

Infelizmente só vou poder testar esta rom a partir de 10 de Abril (momento pascoa :/ 😉 de qualquer forma atenção que é necessário partir de uma rom instalada no sdcard (e não onenand co mpartições sdcard ou emmc) e ainda que não se assegura o retorno ao limo.

Por outro lado já está a funcionar a gravação video sem freezes. Não está disponivel nesta rom para já. -rom com gravação video [limofans]

update (10Abr2012)

At last I install yesterday this rom and it’s super fast indeed 🙂
And writable!

But I had many issues to root…
Could not root with various methods, don’t know why.
Finally manage to root with oolink’s root tools

Also, remember to ‘adb push system /system/’ camera files for video rec

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H1droid gingerbread _111214 gho [updated 16_Dez].

[English version]

A versão completa do H1droid gingerbread 2.3.7 cm7 de 14 de Dezembro 2011: tudo funcional (embora existam alguns bugs a corrigir).

Instalação Windows – rom com root

Para instalar siga o post substituindo a gho e o tar:

rom gho 16_Dez  (must unzip) root, overclock, WITH  Market (gapps)

kernel tar


Feel free to uninstall swapper2 (or change the swap file to sdcard or partition) as it might wear your internal memory as it is setup to have a swap file in emmc.


If you have problems with market (error downloading or incompatible device):

error downloading: go to settings – aplications – all apps and
find market and google framework and click delete data from both and then reboot phone

incompatible device: Install 2.3 market and freeze ‘market updater’ in titatnium. market 2.3


What is not working

automatic backlight (light sensor)
FM radio volume change
voice call volume change (voice gets silent on volume change)
Power and restart are switched so if you want to restart press shutdown (will be fixed)
Temporary fix if your phone restarts after second call you get, turn on vibration only (no sound).

Know issue: Reboot actually does power off and if you want to reboot click Power off

This rom has a Portuguese csc build in. To have your country csc (to have 3g):

1. Go to xdadev and download your csc according to your carrier/country and push the csc folder to /system/csc with adb push system /system/
2. Restart your phone and you should have 3G/gprs/edge


Solution for continously working CPU


Multilingua. Divirta-se. Mais em


Credits r3d4, ilja, poemihai, mephisto. (and so many others)

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H1droid completo!

São as noticias que desde a semana passada vêm chegando e que culminam com o ultimo reduto resolvido: as sms disfuncionais, depois do gps, 3g. Faltam é certo alguns acertos mas  tudo está completo no h1droid!

Ando um pouco ocupado com outros assuntos recentemente mas deixo-vos aqui os links para o ghost do poemihai:

Mais em

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Camera: Captura funcional em low res

Para já está conseguida a captura de imagem de baixa resolução (900×500) na rom 111117.

Terá para isso que correr uma app que faça essa captura como por exemplo o Fast Burst Camera:

Mais em



H1droid cm7 *2.3.7* 111117 gho

[English version]

A versão mais recente da autoria de r3d4: gingerbread 2.3.7 de 17 de Novembro (1107), tem a novidade de ter acesso á memoria interna, fm-radio e camera (sem captura porem). Não funcional gprs/gps/sms.

Instalação Windows – rom com root

Para instalar siga o post substituindo a gho e o tar:

rom gho light version (must unzip) root, No Market

rom gho  (must unzip) root, WITH Market

kernel tar

(kernel OC a 800 Mhz

Importante: Leia as notas do post


If root isn’t working try this from terminal:

adb shell chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su from terminal


to make it rooted every time you boot change the line in /

chmod 0755 /system/xbin/su to chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su


copy to / (use root explorer or file expert)


Solution for continously working CPU


Multilingua. Divirta-se.


Credits r3d4, mephisto,

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H1droid rom CM7.2 Gingerbread 2.3.7

Posted at by r3d4

this is a CM7.2 Gingerbread 2.3.7 nightly build for h1.
Its a test build to play with not intended for daily use as main bugs are still present (SMS, 3G)
and new bugs are added ;). Its doesnt contain Google apps, because it slows down the device awfully. If you need you can install it manual with adb from here After this you will get market acces.

Try at your own risk only when you know what you are doing as you can easily break your device.
The Emmc is enabled so be careful not to corrupt content as you can’t go back to Limo then.

Kernel for flash:

Rootfs for sdcard:

New features:
* FM radio
* Camera preview
* emmc (incl. USB storage)
* Torch
* DSP acceleration and video overlay
* Bluetooth working again
* 1000s of languages

Known bugs
* electron beam animantion sometimes leads to problems on wakeup (disabled in settings)
* FM radio volume change not working
* voice call volume change not working
* Camera capture and video recording broken (dont try, device crashes)
* SMS bug (multiple receive)
* no 3G, GPS

have fun…



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